Multi-Parcel Real Estate Auctions

Used when multiple parcels are offered on the same day.

Bidders may bid on individual parcels, combinations of parcels, or all combinations combined.

A computer is used to keep track of the different parcels, the amount bid, and who the high bidders are. It also answers questions as to what amount is needed to be bid in order to be the high bidder on different combinations.

A print out is made and displayed on a tote board for the bidders to view on each parcel or combination.

Allows maximum flexibility to buyers on the different parcels and combinations they wish to bid on, with the seller maintaining control with the right to approve all final bids.

Terms and conditions of these type auctions are similar to a single parcel auction.

This same program can be used while selling any items where buyers wish to bid on single items or combinations of them such as farm equipment.